Students must equip themselves with uniform,books,etc. within one week grace period of the re-opening of the School.

Students must be neat and tidy in their persons. Girls must put two plaits by using white ribbons. Growing long nails or wearing of rings, bangles will not be admitted in the class.

When the Headmaster or a Teacher enters or leaves the class all students should rise and greet respectfully. It is good manners to wish the superiors whenever you meet them.

Students should converse in English in the School premises. Member staff to are advised to use English launguage in all dealings.Students must attend to their personal needs like eating, drinking water, using toilets, etc. as far as possible during recess.

Students are requested to take care of their personal property as school authorities do not accept the responsibility of the loss of books, money, gold ornaments, etc.

Insubordination to the Teachers, speaking ill of them and of School authorities irregular attendance, habitual inattention in the class, obscenity in words or action, damaging school property or any other behaviour considered by the head of the school as detrimental to the good tone of the school are sufficient reasons for disciplinary actions according to rule 26 of Goa,Daman & Diu Education rules 1986.

Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous or is guilty of gross malpractice in connection with examination or of unauthorised alteration in leaving certificates or progress cards or who in the opinion of the Headmaster has an unwholesome influence on his fellow pupils will be dealt with according to rule 26,3,4,5,6 & 7 of Education rule 1986.Personal cleanliness and hygiene are highly recommended . Students must keep both class-room and School premises clean. They should therefore be careful in not throwing papers, seeds, etc.anywhere but in the basket and bins especially provided for the purpose. It is chiefly with ink, chalk and water they must be careful.

Collective petitions or complaints only when reasonable will be considered by the School Authorities

The School does not hold itself responsible for the misconduct of its students outside its premises. It will, however take cognisance of any serious misconduct on the part of the student outside its premises if it substantiated and the guilty shall be punished according to the gravity of the offence

Books and other articles should bear the neat name of the owner. All stray and unclaimed property should be brought immediately to the office by the Class Monitor, by the peons or even by other students.

Books, periodicals, |Mobiles, pictures, magazines, cutting instruments, toys eatable and other articles not approved by the Head of the School should not be brought to the class or else they may be confiscated.

Sribbling or carving on benches or walls spoiling the library books, damaging classroom, moving the benches and desk from one place to another, meddling with school property without permission is strictly forbidden. Students causing any damages to school property have to make good by paying the fine imposed. The decision of the Headmaster regarding the amount to be paid is final.

Each and every student should endeavor his/her best to keep up the high tone of the School by trying to excel with a spirit of true competition in studies, good manners and sports.

Students are expected to try their best in extending heartfelt co- operation to the School authorities in whatever they are asked to do, always remembering that nothing which is detrimental in any way will be demanded from them.

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